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Bachelor’s Degree Nursing Program Care Plan for Health Assessment 1 STUDENT NAME:Margaret OtienoNURSING COURSE: 200-20B3S1C2DATE: 02/26/2021Patient InitialsJ.V AssessmentNursing DiagnosisExpectedoutcomes/goals(short term,maximum 2) NursingInterventions(minimum of 3)Rationale (fornursinginterventions)Evaluation Have the Goals been met? C/O severestomach pain.Pain scale of5/10No medicationtaken at home tohelp with pain.No over-the-counter medication takenat home.No food or drug allergies.Accompaniedwith headacheand diarrhea.Pain at lower abdomen which comes and goes. Gets worse when the patient consumes any food especially cold. Gets better when consumes clear liquids especiallySevereabdominal pain. Ineffective coping. Deficient knowledge (ineffective pain- management skills) Powerlessness r/t unbearable abdominal pain Family coping skills r/t signs and symptoms accompanied by abdominal pain Food poisoning r/t eating wrong food at the buffet Client verbalizes
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