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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA EGN 3343 - THERMODYNAMICS SPRING 2008 Instructor: Umit KURSUN, PhD Office: ENGR-407H E-mail: [email protected] Class Hours: TR 12:00pm-13:15pm Office Hours: MTWR 13:30-14:30 OR by appointment Catalog Description: Work, heat, and energy transformations. Relation of properties. Laws, concepts, and modes of analysis common to all applications of thermodynamics in engineering. Prerequisite: Co-Reqs: EGN 3321 and MAP 2302 Textbook: Cengel, Y. A. and Boles, M. A., Thermodynamics, An Engineering Approach, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Inc, 2008. Course Objectives: The students will develop individual methodologies to obtain quantitative solutions to common engineering applications involving open and closed systems, and cyclic thermodynamic processes and devices through applying essential principles of Thermodyanmics.
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Unformatted text preview: Grading: Two tests %40 Pop-Quizzes (Best 5 will be averaged) %25 Final on April 24, 2008. 10:00am-12:50pm %35 Homework problems will be assigned but not collected. All solutions will be timely posted on webcourses ( Please read the assignments and work associated problems before attending class. Pop-quizzes may be given anytime. Final Grade: The letter grades will be given based on the following scale: ≥ 93.00 A 90.00 A-87.00 B+ 83.00 B 80.00 B-77.00 C+ 73.00 C 70.00 C-67.00 D+ 63.00 D 60.00 D-≤ 60 F Professional and ethical behavior, outlined in the UCF Golden Rules, will be expected and required. No credits or make ups will be given for missed tests or quizzes. Class participation, effective usage of office hours, attention given to assignments may positively affect letter-grades....
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