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Washington State University ME 402: Thermal System Design Quiz 5 Solution 1) Parallel Flow Counter Flow The counter flow will provide a better effectiveness because the outlet temperature of the cold fluid can approach the highest temperature of the hot fluid. Also the temperature gradient remains constant throughout the process. 2) Liquid should be used as a cooling fluid because it has higher heat conductivity and a higher specific heat. In order to keep the system effective the exit temperature must
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Unformatted text preview: remain 40C or lower. 3) Gas should be used as a cross flow media and R-134a is the fluid that runs in the tubes. The air will be cooled after the flow over the tubes and leave the system to cool the surrounding environment. The minimum temperature for the R-134a will be 90F. in h T , in c T , out h T , out c T , in h T , in h T , in c T , out c T ,...
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