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Columbia University Department of Economics Principles of Economics ________________________________________________________________________________ W1105y-1 Spring 2007 Office Hours : 1015 IAB M/W 6:10pm-7:25pm M/W: 4:30-6 501 Schermerhorn Hall e-mail: pd5 Padma Desai tel: x42266 ________________________________________________________________________________ Readings : The required textbook for the course is Principles of Economics by R. Glenn Hubbard and Anthony O’Brien (Prentice Hall Publishers, 2006). The study guides (one each for microeconomics and macroeconomics) are also available in the University Bookstore and are recommended, though not required. Copies of both books are on reserve at Uris Library. In addition, a regular reading of the New York Times or The Economist would be helpful. A tentative outline of the readings required for each lecture is attached. Some changes are possible during the course of the semester. You should make every effort to review (skim) the listed chapter(s) prior to the relevant lecture and reread the chapter after the lecture. Lab Sessions : The lab sessions are an integral part of the course and will be used for reviewing distributed problem sets as well as introducing topics not covered in class (or extending topics that are covered only tangentially in the lectures). The lab sessions will be very similar, so if you miss your regularly scheduled session, you should attend another session during the same week. These sessions (outlined in the schedule below) will be conducted by teaching assistants/preceptors. You must register for one of these sessions:
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ECON 1105 taught by Professor Desai during the Spring '08 term at Columbia.

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Desai.Syllabus.F.07 - Columbia University Department of...

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