11-8-06 (Guest Speaker) - How to Avoid Injury and What to...

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How to Avoid Injury and What to Do if You Can’t Common injuries in the college-aged and young adults: Sports and Physical Overuse-Related “itis-es” Hip and Knee tendonitis- IT band or knee cap inflammation “Shin Splints” Rotator cuff or biceps tendonitis Plantar fascitis Joint sprains Sustained posture-related injuries Neck and upper back/shoulder blade pain Low back pain Trauma-related injuries Joint sprains Muscle strains Contusions Dislocations and fractures “Itis-es” are overuse injuries- too much or abnormally-placed mechanical stress on tendons, ligaments, joint surfaces, bursa results in inflammation. Mechanical instability of joints that are under heavy or sustained loads results in excessive or abnormally-placed stresses on tissues. How to prevent sports and physical activity-related “itis-es”: Gradual is key! Start any new exercise activity with low intensity and duration and progressively build from there. A gradual increase allows muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint surfaces to undergo necessary physiological adaptation to new demands. Training rule of thumb: increase duration/distance no greater than 10% per week. Regular versus sporadic or occasional exercise decreases incidence of “itis-es” Strengthen your overuse-vulnerable joints’ stabilizing muscles to decrease abnormal mechanical stresses cause by your sport. For walkers, runners, cyclists: your deep hip muscles (abductors, adductors, rotators) that stabilize both your hip and your knee. For swimmers, throwers, racquet sport players: your rotator cuff muscles. For soccer, basketball, tennis and other agility sport athletes: your ankle muscles.
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11-8-06 (Guest Speaker) - How to Avoid Injury and What to...

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