9-11-06 - Chapter Two- Stress: The Constant Challenge...

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Chapter Two--- Stress: The Constant Challenge Assessment For many people, stress=worry But to your body, stress=change Terms: Stressor (homework, tests, women), Stress Response (physical and emotional reactions), Stress (the change that occurs), Distress (Negative stress), Eustress (positive stress) Stress results form the interaction between stressors and an individual’s perception and reaction to those stressors. If stress is not dealt with effectively, feelings of loneliness, neurosis, sleeplessness, and excessive worrying may result. Stress is psychological--- Its effects are physiological. Central Nervous System- Brain and Spinal Cord Autonomic Nervous System- Sympathetic Nervous System (norepinephrine), para- sympathetic nervous system Endocrine System- Under the auspices of the ANS, primarily the Sympathetic Nervous System. Specific Gland, tissues, and cells control body function by releasing hormones and chemical messengers into the bloodstream. Stress hormones are examples of these entities (cortisol, catacholamines) People respond to stress: Fight or Flight, Return to Homeostasis And individual’s perception of a stressor determines the resulting emotional or behavioral response. The more intense the emotional response to a stressor, the more intense the physical
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9-11-06 - Chapter Two- Stress: The Constant Challenge...

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