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BUSI 640 Syllabus 2013

BUSI 640 Syllabus 2013 - Robert H Smith School of Business...

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Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland BUSI 640 – Financial Management Professor Michael Faulkender Office: 4419 VanMunching Hall E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (301) 405-1064 Course Description and Objectives BUSI 640 is an introductory course in corporate financial management. The course outlines the financial concepts and techniques used to evaluate corporate decisions. The topics include the time value of money, valuation of common securities, discounted cash flow, and capital structure. The objectives are to introduce the language and structure of finance and to develop the ability to analyze financial decisions. Course Materials The required text, which I suggest reading in preparation for the lecture as well as using as a reference is: ( i ) Corporate Finance with MyFinanceLab , 3 rd Edition, Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo. Henceforth, this book will be referred to as BD. The MyFinanceLab c ourse code will be posted to Canvas once it is available. Course Requirements and Grading The material in this course will be presented predominately in lecture format, supplemented with cases. To get the most out of the course and to promote the sharing of ideas, participation on the part of all students is expected. I expect you to attend each class and to be well-prepared. Your grade will be determined by the course pre-work, three graded group case assignments, two group problems sets, two online assignments, the valuation assignment, and the final exam. The grade determination is as follows: Assignments Percentage of Final Grade Finance Online Course: Introductory Section 10% Case Assignments (Group) 20% Problem Set (Group) 10% Online Assignments (Individual) 8% Company Valuation (Individual) 15% Final Exam 37% The two online assignments accompany some online videos that will walk you through the basics of the time value of money.
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