Quiz #2 f2007 - Physics 2211 Fall 2007 Quiz #2 Form #211...

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Quiz #2 Form #211 Name: Fall 2007 Version A Print your name, test form number (3 digits at the top of this form), and student number (9 digit Georgia Tech ID number) in the section of the answer card labeled “Student Identification.” Bubble the Test Form Number in columns 1–3, skip column 4, then bubble your Student Number in columns 5–13. Free-response questions are numbered I–III. For each, make no marks and leave no space on your card. Show all your work clearly, including all steps and logic. Box your answer. Multiple-choice questions are numbered 1–5. For each, select the answer most nearly correct, circle this answer on your test, and bubble it on your answer card. Do not put any extra marks on the card. Turn in your test and answer card as you leave. Your score will be posted under “Course Standing” when it has been graded. Quiz grades become final when the next quiz is given. You may use a calculator that cannot store letters, but no other aids. g Earth = 9 . 8m / s 2 Unless otherwise directed, all springs, cords, and pulleys are ideal, and drag should be neglected. I . (16 points) A block of mass m is being slid to the right along a horizontal ceiling by an applied force of magnitude A that makes an angle θ with the vertical, as illustrated. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the ceiling is μ s , while the coefficient of kinetic friction is μ k . What is the acceleration magnitude the block in terms of any or all of m , A , μ
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Quiz #2 f2007 - Physics 2211 Fall 2007 Quiz #2 Form #211...

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