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Ethical Debate - the animals and if death doesn’t come...

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Animal Testing One issue that has seen prominent growth in protesters is the question whether it is morally right or wrong to test experimental drugs on animals? Going along with that question is whether we as a society should put a human’s life above an animals; and the answer is no. Animal testing is meant to make sure that certain drugs, products, and vaccines are safe before they can be put out in the market for humans. Although this helps out the human race, it hurts countless amounts of innocent animals every year. Many people hold a human’s life in higher regard than an animals’, but this is not right and animals should not be stripped of the right to live. These animals are being taken against their will and having tests/experiments done to them. These experiments will potentially kill
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Unformatted text preview: the animals and if death doesn’t come they could have permanent damages done to their body; this testing is just morally wrong. If it is testers that are needed, then ask people to voluntary to be tested on and in return they will be paid money. This will be an option for people who greatly need the money. So, it is clear that testing experimental drugs, products, and vaccines on animals against their will is morally wrong. This can be considered a form of torture to these innocent animals that have come out of these tests with permanent deformations or even worse, death. There needs to be a safer and more logical way that we can make sure that our goods are safe before there are released into the market for humans. 1...
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