Sexuality Exam 2

Sexuality Exam 2 - Social Construction of Sexuality Exam 2...

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Social Construction of Sexuality Exam 2 Study Guide Class Material Class Material What are the specifics of hegemonic masculinity and femininity? Hegemony – is a form of phenomena that has authority, what we measure other groups by, considered the best/ideal, seen as being normal/unmarked. Implied in hegemony is that there is multiple groups/versions. Hegemonic scripts: Ideal way for person to have sex and if you have sex this way you will never be questioned/nor seen as deviant. Once you step outside these scripts you have to explain why you’re doing it. - Hegemonic Masculine Script: Ideal way for being a man and if you have sex this way you will never be questioned/ nor seen as deviant. - Men shouldn’t have certain feelings - Performance is the thing that counts - Man initiates sex, leads in is charge. Always is ready for sex. - All physical contact leads to sex (no physical pleasure except sexual pleasure) - Sex equals intercourse - Sexual intercourse leads to orgasm - Men’s sexual experiences should be “ecstatic and explosive” - Sexual prowess is never permanently earned, each time it must be proven. - Hegemonic Female Script: - Sex is good in relationships/bad casually - “Don’t touch me, don’t go there” needs to self explanation - Sex is something women do for men - Men should know what women want without being told - Woman should look like playmates - Women are nurturers – their partner’s needs, desires and pleasures come first. - There is only one right way to have an orgasm, which is during pvi as a result of stimulation. What is implied about race and class in the US by using the term hegemonic? Heterosexual/White is considered the best and most ideal. Anything other than heterosexual sex acts are considered deviant. How do traditional transsexuals and intersexuals reinforce the binary gender system? They throw the system of track by making it seem as if there is two types of gender possibilities. People don’t want to believe that there are other sexes and there is no middle sex, it is seen as “a man trapped in a womans body” Why do intersexed people remain invisible according to Wilchins? As soon as we identify infants as intersexed we immediately fix it. They determine if they change if to a male/female, we erase intersexuality all together. Hegemonic Heterosexuality for ideal sexual encounter/ think about who this excludes Who: male/female bodied. Heterosexual, Monogamous, Idolize white race.
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What: ultimate goal = penile vaginal intercourse Why: procreation/love When: at night Where: private How: projection of heterosexual relationship, done on Valentines Day, anniversary. What is meant by this paraphrase of Wilchins, “intersexed people are the noise in the system”? The engine is discourse, not until we see discourse do we see it.
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Sexuality Exam 2 - Social Construction of Sexuality Exam 2...

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