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MGMT/MKT 4710 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Study Question for Exam #4 A(n) _____ staffing policy requires host country nationals to be recruited to manage subsidiaries, while parent company nationals occupy key positions at corporate headquarters. polycentric A ______ retail system is one in which there are many retailers, no one of which has a major share of the market. Fragmented system A firm using the ______ method translates assets valued in a foreign currency into the home-country currency using the exchange rate that exists when the assets are purchased. temporal Which of the following statement accurately describes the accounting systems that exist in various countries? If a firm wants to reduce the import duties it must pay when an ad valorem tariff is in place, the firm should _____ manufacturing technologies provide a company the ability to produce a wider variety of end products at a unit cost that at one time could be achieved only through the mass production of a standardized output. flexible The price at which goods and services are transferred between subsidiaries is the transfer price The cost of capital is typically ______ in the global capital market as compared to many domestic capital markets. lower __________ is a management philosophy that takes as its central focus the need to improve the quality of a company's products and services. By using the __________ capital market, investors have a much wider range of investment opportunities than in a purely __________ capital market. Countries with __________ cultures tend to have strong independent auditing professions that audit a firm's
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