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Mountain Building Chapter 10 1. Describe island-arc mountain building. Island arcs form where two oceanic plates converge and one is subducted beneath the other. Island arcs are typically found on the margins of an ocean basin. 2. Describe Andean-type mountain building. Andean mountain building results in the formation of a continental volcanic arc and related tectonic features inland on the continental margin. Magma pushes up through the crust but never reaches the surface, instead crystallizing at depth to form plutons. Once the plutons are exposed to the surface the become batholiths. Accretionary wedges are formed when sediment from the subducting plates is plastered against the landward side of the trench. Earthquakes Chapter 7 1. What differentiates shallow, intermediate and deep focus earthquakes? Where are each of these found? In particular, what is the role of plate tectonics in the depth and position of earthquakes only found at convergent margins? Soil Chapter 4 1. What is soil and how does it form? Soil is a combination of mineral and organic matter, water, and air—that portion of the regolith that supports the growth of plants. ***** Mass Wasting Chapter 4 1. What is mass wasting? Refers to the down slope movement of rock, regolith, and solid under the direct influence of gravity. It is distinct from other erosional processes because mass wasting does not require a transporting medium such as water, wind, or glacial ice. 2. What is the controlling force of mass wasting?
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4studyguide - Mountain Building Chapter 10 1. Describe...

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