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Degrees of Metamorphism Exhibited by rock texture and mineralogy Low-grade (e.g. shale becomes slate) High-grade (obliteration of original features) Mountain Belts Orogenesis refers to processes that collectively produce a mountain belt Most mountain building occurs at convergent plate boundaries Andean-type mountain building Oceanic-continental crust convergence e.g. Andes Mountains Types related to the overriding plate Passive margins Prior to the formation of a subduction zone e.g. East Coast of North America Subduction generates partial melting and produces a continental
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Unformatted text preview: volcanic arc (example: Cascade Mountains Suduction ends and is followed by a period of uplift and erosion (example: Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges). Note the accretionary wedge. Collisional Mountain Ranges Mountain building at convergent boundaries Continental collisions Terranes – small crustal fragments collide and merge with continental margins Where two plates with continental crust converge E.g. India and Eurasian plate collision Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan plateau India moving nort @ 5 to 15 cm a year...
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