The Black Hills of South Dakota

The Black Hills of South Dakota - Normal faults –...

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The Black Hills of South Dakota, a large domal structure – oldest rocks in the center The bedrock geology of the Michigan Basin – notice the youngest rocks are centrally located Faults Faults are fracture (breaks) in rocks along which appreciable displacement has taken place Types of faults Dip-slip fault Movement along the inclination (dip) of fault plane Parts of a dip-slip fault Hanging wall – the rock above the fault surface Footwall – the rock below the fault surface
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Unformatted text preview: Normal faults – tensional stress – footwall up, hanging wall down Reverse faults – Strike-slip faults – Transform fault – a large strike-slip fault that cuts through the lithosphere (plate boundary) Blocks slide past one another Ex. San Andres Fault Joints Fractures along which no appreciable displacement has occurred Most are formed when rock in the outermost crust are deformed...
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