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Phil Spector (b. 1940) o Creator of the “Wall of Sound.” Known as the “Tycoon of Teen.” o He elevates the level of the producer to equal that of the artist. In fact, on Spector productions, he was frequently more important than his artists. o The exception being Veronica Bennett, whom he would marry. As Ronnie Spector, she would become the most recognizable voice of the “girl group” era of the 1960s. o His greatest moment as a producer, Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain
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Unformatted text preview: High” recorded in 1966. A flop in the U.S. (but a huge hit in the U.K.) o Spector goes into seclusion. Emerges in the 1970s to work with the Beatles ( Let It Be ) and on numerous solo releases (George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass , John Lennon’s Imagine ) o Spector is currently on trial for murder. His televised trial begins this week....
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