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1. Swing Music a. Benny Goodman i. One of the great bandleaders of the swing era ii. White musician—clarinetist, king of swing iii. Born in Chicago, son of working-class Eastern European Jewish immigrants. iv. Freelance during depression, 1 st big break – Let’s Dance v. Skillful jazz improviser vi. Birth of Swing vii. First prominent bandleader to hire black musicians b. Chick Webb i. Great bandleader and drummer of swing era ii. Featured teen Ella Fitzgerald as a vocalist (later adopted her) iii. Suffered tuberculosis as a child c. Artie Shaw i. White band musician (clarinetist) leader ii. Prominent band of swing era iii. First white bandleader to hire a fulltime black female vocalist (Billie Holiday) d. Duke Ellington i. Did swing based on blues form ii. African-American bandleader, came from middle-class and received formal musical training young. iii. Irving Mills arranged recording contract iv. Cotton Club regulars, “jungle music” style formed v. An experimenter – original unusual musical forms e. Teddy Wilson i. Benny Goodman hired Teddy, a pianist, in 1936 f. Billie Holiday i. Female jazz singer “Lady Day” ii. One of the greatest jazz voices of all time iii. Born Eleanora Fagan iv. Discovered by John Hammond g. John Hammond i. Jazz enthusiast and promoter ii. iii. Discovered Benny Goodman, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen 2. 3. Rockabilly a. Country-tinged variety of rock n roll b. Honky-tonk – Hank Williams, etc. Grand Ole Opry
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StudyGuide2 - Concepts, Ideas 1. Swing Music a. Benny...

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