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The Jazz Age - illegal to manufacture and transport...

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The Jazz Age New Orleans – The Birthplace of Jazz – Storyville o 1987 – Original Dixieland Jazz Band (an all white band) record “Livery Stable Blues,” first “jazz” recording Youth Culture phenomenon Massive northern migration by African Americans after WWI Emergence of the “flapper” and early demonstrations of feminism Jazz age occurs during “Prohibition” (1919-1933) – during which it was
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Unformatted text preview: illegal to manufacture and transport beverages containing more 0.5% alcohol o This did not stop people from manufacturing and drinking alcohol “illegally.” Jazz under Attack • Jazz was for sub-literates o Linked with crime and immorality (especially among women – allegedly made them promiscuous) • Encouraged race mixing (miscegenation) • Encouraged deviant behavior...
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