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Engineering 2 - Engineering Chapter 2 Engineering An...

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Engineering: Chapter 2 Engineering: An Introduction to a Creative Profession Chapter 2: Challenges Surrounding Today’s Engineer We Are All Engineers Curiosity is a characteristic of all engineers, along with the desire to create and build Today’s Engineering Environment We must ensure the quality of our natural environment to provide an enhanced quality of life for all people Engineers should become involved in the uses of his or her designs The actions of each of us affect all of us, now and in the future The Biosphere As early man added to his store of knowledge, he progressed from a crude nomadic civilization to one sustained by domestication and agriculture, to one in which technology controls the forces of nature The emergence of agriculture and the domestication of animals caused some species of plants and animals to become extinct, while the growth of others was artificially stimulated His actions can seriously affect the biosphere , the wafer-thin skin of air, water and soil comprising only a thousandth of the planet’s diameter and measuring less than 8 miles thick Most life resides from 1/2 mile below the surface to about two miles above the surface; the largest part of the biosphere is the atmosphere There is a delicate ecological balance which provides all the necessities of life; there are about 1.3 million different kinds of plants and animals on the earth Recently man has become more concerned with replenishing the earth’s resources rather than just utilizing them Page 1 of 5
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Engineering: Chapter 2 The Population Explosion: A Race to Global Famine Man’s ability to control disease and pestilence, along with his ability to provide adequate food and clothing has lengthened his life span and has led to increased levels of population
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