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Chapter 13 - "The Transfer of Heat" Convection – the process in which heat is carried from place to place by the bulk movement of a fluid. Conduction – the process whereby heat is transferred directly through a material, with any bulk motion of the material playing no role in the transfer. Conduction of Heat Through a Material Q = (kA T)t The amount of heat Q conducted during L time t through a bar of length L and cross- sectional area A; T is the temperature difference between the ends of the bar and k is the thermal conductivity of the material Radiation the process in which energy is transferred by means of
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Unformatted text preview: electromagnetic waves Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation Q = e σ T 4 At The radiant energy Q emitted during a time t by an object whose surface area is A and whose Kelvin temperature is T; σ = 5.67 x 10-8 J/(s-m 2 K 4 ) is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant and e is the emissivity a dimensionless number characterizing the surface of the object Net radiant power P net = e σ A(T 4- T o 4 ) The power an object emits minus the power it absorbs. The net radiant power P net emitted by an object of temperature T located in an environment of temperature T...
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