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LNI U150 Italian Culture - Fall 2007 Reflection on the main achievements of Italian Renaissance. 1) Humanism was the overriding philosophy of the Florentine Renaissance. Based on what we have discussed in class, research and answer these questions: How was this philosophy manifested in art? The subjects of the artists’ eye were still typically religious in nature but more detail in the form of the human body and the world around them was emphasized. Not only was the scene beautiful but also the human form itself was holy and beautiful. In education? Humanism is to be an educational movement as once the liberal arts are learned then one can be truly free. The liberal arts included, grammar, rhetoric, history, literary studies and moral philosophy, though in the Middle Ages and Renaissance both history and literary studies were a part of grammar. In politics or public life? The middle class grew a bigger influence as they became richer and so the richer they were and the more powerful they were and were able to join the political system. The political system changed as the middle class guilds became more powerful and influenced where the
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Reflection_on_the_Renaissance - LNI U150 Italian Culture -...

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