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Thermodynamics Review sheet 1 - Thermodynamics Review sheet...

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Thermodynamics Review sheet 1.1 Thermodynamics and Energy Thermodynamics can be defined as the science of energy Energy can be viewed as the ability to cause changes Conservations of energy principle – Energy can change from one form to another but the total amount of energy remains constant - Energy cannot be created or destroyed First law of thermodynamics (1843)– simply an expression of the conservation of energy principle and it asserts that energy is a thermodynamic property. Second law of thermodynamics (1850) – asserts that energy has a quality and a quantity - Heat will always go from high temperature to low temperature – high potential to low potential Classical thermodynamics – does not require a knowledge of the behavior if individual particles Statistical Thermodynamics – more elaborate approach that is basesd on the behavior of large groups of particles – used as a supporting role in text 1.2 The importantce of dimensions and units Specific weight – the gravitational pull on a mass g ρ γ = Unit of energy: Joule – 1 N*M BTU – British thermal unit – the amount of energy required to raise themperature of 1 lb of water at 68 degrees one degree F. Unity conversion ratios – identically equal to one and can be inserted into an equations to make the units match Entropy – Potential (order) goes to low potential (disorder) Energy types: 1. Electromagnetic – carried by the photon E photon = νh H = Planks constant C = speed of light = 300,000 km/s 1-3 Systems and control volumes System – a quantity of matter or a region in space chosen for study Boundary – what separates a system from its surroundings Closed system – has a fixed mass and no mass may cross the boundary (control mass) Isolated system – even energy is not allowed to cross the boundary
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Thermodynamics Review sheet 1 - Thermodynamics Review sheet...

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