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Exam 1 Study Guide MIS Chapters 1, 4, 12 and 13 FrontPage Units A-E Lectures August 25 – September 22 File Management 1. Define: File named collection of bits that exists on a storage medium Folder named section of a storage medium used to group related files Storage Media File Management organizing files so that you can find and use them more efficiently 2. Identify the characteristics of files including: Filename and Extension Location – including Parent and Subfolders Size Various Dates 3. What is the affect of executing each of the following file management functions on the original file and it’s location? Cut Copy Delete Rename 1. Malware What is a malware? Undesirable software on your computer Describe the various types of computer attacks and how they work: o Virus program instructions in a file that reproduces itself, and spreads to other files on the same computer o Trojan Horse a program that seems to be doing a good function while actually doing something bad o Worm a virus that can move itself from computer to computer by itself o Denial of Service Attack A program that controls infected machines and commands them to flood a network with traffic by making numerous unnecessary requests o Spyware software that gathers information about your online activities and sends it to someone else o Phishing an email that acts as a place that gets people to go to a website that poses to be another and gets them to input their information o Pharming similar to phishing but the DNS server is hacked and it’s really a different website that you are visiting 2. Describe various security measures used to protect information systems including: Antivirus Spyware Detection Email Filters Operating Systems Firewalls- a filter that protects comp for harm on the internet
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Security Monitors Biometrics security that involves human biology such as fingerprints or eyeball Computer Failure Controls
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Software_Exam_Study_Guide - Exam 1 Study Guide MIS Chapters...

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