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Unformatted text preview:Theme: Sexuality, Love and Loyalty SEXUALITY IS VIRGINITY LOVE IS HATE LOYALTY IS BETRAYAL What are some modern-day ideologies of sexuality, love and loyalty? How does it compare to the ideologies in 1984? When the sexual act is successfully performed, it is an act of rebellion. There is loyalty to the person through love/sex in the relationship and connection to someone other than the party-)seen as an act of rebellion and something that is uncontrollable by the Party. Love is unpredictable9Party cannot control it, cannot contain it so it is best to eliminate it Love and pleasure are involved in sex therefore it is forbidden in the eyes of the Party. Sex is only done for the purpose of "...[begetting] children for the service of the Party" (p.68—69). It is seen as "[a] duty to the Party" (p.70) All personal feelings are considered thoughtcrime Desire=Thoughtcrime Loyalty to someone else other than the Party=Thoughtcrime Other loyalties are considered nothing when compared to loyalty to Party 0 Loyalty to family (child heros who betray their parents) 0 Loyalty to friends (Winston knows that should Syme know "the nature of [Winston's] secret opinions, he would betray him instantly to the Thought Police" (p58) Party is serious about loyalty to the Party and Big Brother Party's actions A 1984 A o o o o o o o o o ,/'\ n Attempt to restrict any personal connection with people Attempt to "kill the sex instinct" (p.69) o Party's goals are to use the energy that is usually used for sex and/or love into energy for working for the Party 0 Removing pleasure from the sexual act results in suppressing the human nature instinct of desire and allowing the party to gain further control of populous emotion and loyalty 0 Junior Anti-Sex League (created to promote sex strictly for procreation) and removes pleasure from sexual acts a Party has destroyed personal feelings so that "[today] there were fear, hatred and pain, but no dignity of emotion, no deep or complex sorrows" (p.32). 0 Winston's wife Katharine is rejecting the idea of sex, seeing it as something that must be done for the good ofthe Party. 0 "[Katharine] was clasping him against her...[while] simultaneously pushing him away with all her strength" (p.70) All of these elements of sexuality, love and loyalty are what make people humans. The Party's goals are to take away those human traits9making them incapable of rebellion