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Chapter 7 Outline

Chapter 7 Outline - Chapter 7 Outline Knowledge...

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Chapter 7 Outline: Knowledge Construction I. Constructive Processes in Learning A. Construction Storage i. Different people often construct different meanings – they each bring unique prior experiences and knowledge to the situation ii. Prior knowledge and expectations are likely to influence learning when new information is unclear B. Construction in Retrieval i. A reconstruction error is when people fill in gaps in what they’re retrieved based on what seems logical ii. Individual Constructivism are theories that focus on how people make meaning out of their experiences C. Knowledge Construction as a Social Process i. Socially constructed knowledge is shared by two or more people simultaneously – Social Constructivism ii. Learners think about a problem together, share ideas, and work together to draw conclusions or develop solutions – Distributed Cognition a. learners benefit in a variety of ways through this method (page 236), both academically and socially II. Organizing Knowledge A. Concepts i. A Concept is a way of mentally grouping or categorizing objects or events that are similar.
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