Chapter 8 Outline

Chapter 8 Outline - Chapter 8 High-Level Cognitive...

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Chapter 8: High-Level Cognitive Processes I. Metacognition and Learning Strategies A. Metacognition – “Thinking about thinking” i. The more learners know about thinking and learning, the better their learning and achievement will be B. Effective Learning Strategies: using a certain approach to learning and remembering something i. Identifying Important Information a. Provide a list of objectives for a lesson b. Write key concepts and relationships on the board c. Ask questions that focus students’ attention on important ideas. ii. Retrieving Relevant Prior Knowledge iii. Taking Notes iv. Organizing Information a. students learn more effectively when they engage in activities that help them organize what they’re studying b. A concept map is a diagram that depicts the concepts of a unit and their interrelationships v. Intentionally Elaborating on Information vi. Creating Summaries a. can be a fairly complex process vii. Monitoring Comprehension a. Comprehension Monitoring is a process of periodically checking oneself for recall and understanding b. Successful learners continually monitor their comprehension while they study and at some point after c. Illusion of Knowing : not knowing what one does or does not know d. Self-Explanation –
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Chapter 8 Outline - Chapter 8 High-Level Cognitive...

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