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Unformatted text preview: USC CHEM 322aL/325aL F 2007 1 JUNG/WILLIAMS/ELLERN CHEMISTRY 322AL/325AL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY COURSE SYLLABUS FALL SEMESTER 2007 COURSE WEBSITE: INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF LECTURE Prof. Kyung Woon Jung LHI 105 (213) 740-8768 [email protected] LABORATORY Dr. James Ellern SGM 103 (213) 740-7025 [email protected] Robert Saddawi-Konefka [email protected] Prof. Travis J. Williams LHI 104 (213) 740-5961 [email protected] SUPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTORS COURSE MATERIALS LECTURE Ryan Schubert [email protected] A three-part special package of the text, study guide, and molecular model set is available at the USC Bookstore. Required. "Organic Chemistry" T.W.G. Solomons and C.B. Fryhle, 9th Ed. "Study Guide and Solutions Manual", T.W.G. Solomons. "Molecular Visions" Molecular Model Set. "Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual," James W. Zubrick, 6th or 7th Edition, Required. Lab Handout Package -- must be purchased from the Chemistry Department by cash or check payable for $20.00 to "USC Chemistry Department," with I.D. number on check. Required. LABORATORY COMPUTER-BASED RESOURCES The course web site provides administrative information for both the lecture and laboratory such as syllabi, assignments, a weekly message, and secured access to your grades. In addition, helpful resources are available such as practice web quizzes, sample exams from past semesters, and links to other relevant web sites. You are encouraged to use our web site. USC CHEM 322aL/325aL F 2007 2 JUNG/WILLIAMS/ELLERN GRADING There will be three midterm exams (150 points each) and a final exam (200 points). The lecture grade will be based on the two best hour exams and the final exam. The point distribution between lecture and lab will be: Lecture 500 Lab 200 Maximum 700 To receive a passing grade, satisfactory work must be done in both the lab and the lecture portions of the course. A separate laboratory syllabus will be issued. We try to be as fair, accurate, and fast as possible when grading exams, but we understand that we make mistakes. We are relying on you carefully to review your graded exams with the posted key and bring any grading errors to our attention. Requests must be submitted by the second Friday following the exam. EXAMINATION SCHEDULE Midterm exams will be given at 3:30 PM on the following dates: September 26 October 24 November 28 Students must take at least two of the three midterms and the final. Make-up examinations for the midterms will not be given under any circumstances since any one of the three can be dropped. If you cannot take at least two of the midterm exams, you will receive a score of zero for the second missed exam. The final exam is on Thursday, December 13, 8-10 AM. The final will not be given at any other time. DROP DATES AND INCOMPLETE GRADES Friday, September 14 is the last day to drop this course without a mark of W. Friday, November 16 is the last day to drop this course with a grade of W. The mark of INcomplete may only be given to a student who is doing passing work through November 16 and is unable to complete the course due to serious illness or other documented emergency occurring after that date. An INcomplete must be completed by taking the missed final at a regular course offering within one year. There will be no special make-up exams. USC CHEM 322aL/325aL F 2007 3 JUNG/WILLIAMS/ELLERN HOMEWORK AND PRACTICE EXAMS While the homework will not be collected or graded, it is strongly recommended that you work as many questions as possible. The homework is a vehicle for study, perhaps the primary vehicle, and might be the source of an exam question. On Wednesdays on which there is not a graded exam or lab quiz, we will administer a practice exam. Although these will not be scored, they present an excellent opportunity for you to check your progress. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY It is expected that all students will follow the USC code of ethics. Cheating on an examination and changing the answers of a returned exam are serious violations that will result in a grade of F for the course. We monitor these issues in a variety of ways, including photocopying exams before and after grading. USC CHEM 322aL/325aL F 2007 4 JUNG/WILLIAMS/ELLERN Week of August 27 Monday 8/27 Chapter 1 KW Jung CLASSES BEGIN Holiday 9/10 Chapter 3 KW Jung 9/17 Chapter 4 KW Jung 9/24 Chapter 4 KW Jung 10/1 Chapter 5 KW Jung 10/1 Chapter 6 KW Jung 10/15 Chapter 7 KW Jung 10/22 Chapter 7 KW Jung 10/29 Chapter 9 TJ Williams 10/29 Chapter 8 TJ Williams 11/12 Chapter 10 TJ Williams 11/19 Lecture 11 TJ Williams 11/26 Lecture 11 TJ Williams 11/26 Review TJ Williams Wednesday 8/29 Chapter 1 KW Jung (no practice exam) 9/5 Chapter 2 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 9/12 Chapter 3 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 9/19 Chapter 4 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 9/26 Review KW Jung FIRST MIDTERM 10/3 Chapter 5 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 10/3 Chapter 6 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 10/17 Chapter 7 KW Jung PRACTICE EXAM 10/24 Review KW Jung SECOND MIDTERM 10/31 Chapter 9 TJ Williams PRACTICE EXAM 10/31 Chapter 8 TJ Williams PRACTICE EXAM 11/14 Chapter 10 TJ Williams FIRST LAB QUIZ 11/21 Review TJ Williams (no practice exam) 11/28 Review TJ Williams THIRD MIDTERM 11/28 Review TJ Williams SECOND LAB QUIZ Friday 8/31 Chapter 2 KW Jung 9/7 Chapter 3 KW Jung 9/14 Chapter 4 KW Jung FIRST W DAY 9/21 Chapter 4 KW Jung 9/28 Chapter 5 KW Jung 10/5 Chapter 6 KW Jung 10/5 Chapter 6 KW Jung 10/19 Chapter 7 KW Jung 10/26 Chapter 9 TJ Williams 11/2 Chapter 9 TJ Williams 11/2 Chapter 8 TJ Williams 11/16 Chapter 10 TJ Williams SECOND W DAY Holiday 11/30 Lecture 11 TJ Williams 11/30 Review TJ Williams Comments Classes begin 8/27 September 3 Happy Labor Day September 10 First W-day 9/14 September 17 September 24 October 1 October 8 October 15 October 22 October 29 November 5 November 12 Second W-Day 11/16 Happy Thanksgiving November 19 November 26 December 3 Classes End 12/7 ...
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