Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Cognitive Factors in Motivation I....

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12: Cognitive Factors in Motivation I. The Interplay of Cognition and Motivation A. Cognitive processes affect motivation i. initial beliefs of something alter performance II. Interest A. Interest: finding a topic or activity intriguing and engaging i. intrinsic motivation B. Situational vs. Personal interest i. Situational: evoked by something in the immediate environment- new, different, unexpected, or vivid situational interests- people and culture, nature, current events, fiction ii. Personal: interest lies within- personal preference we actively pursue iii. Personal is better:- sustains engagement, effective cognitive processing, and improvement for the long run C. Promoting Interest in Classroom Subject Matter i. Model excitement and enthusiasm about classroom topics ii. Incorporate novelty, variety, fantasy, mystery iii. Have students identify w/ material iv. Provide students opportunity to respond III. Expectancies and Values A. Expectancies and Values: i. Expectancy: a level of high expectation ii. Value: direct and indirect benefits in performing a task- viewed as important- have utility- are interesting B. Internalizing the Values of Others i. Internalized motivation: as children grow older, they tend to adopt many of the priorities and values of the people around them ii. Three conditions: 1. warm, responsive, & supportive environment 2. some degree of autonomy 3. appropriate guidance and structure IV. Goals A. Achievement Goals i. Mastery Goal: a desire to acquire additional knowledge to...
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Cognitive Factors in Motivation I....

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