Mid-term exam 05 - NAME MATERIALS SELECTION 530.352 FALL...

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NAME: ________________________________ MATERIALS SELECTION FALL SEMESTER 530.352 PROF. K.J. HEMKER MID-TERM EXAMINATION (Closed book - closed notes - open mind) October 31 st , 2005 1. We have covered a number of different topics in class; choose the correct answer for the following 15 questions and then provide short answers for the last two. . (15x1 points + 2x5 points = 25 points total) i) Rank the following materials in order of stiffest to most compliant: A: [polyethylene | Ni | SiC | diamond] B: [SiC | diamond | Ni | polyethylene] C: [diamond | SiC | Ni | polyethylene] D: [diamond | Ni | SiC | polyethylene] ii) In general. which of the following two classes of materials are the least dense [metals | polymers]. iii) Alloying and heat treatments can be effective ways of changing the [stiffness | yield strength | compliance | coefficient of thermal expansion] of a material. iv) If the engineering (S) flow strength of a material is 300MPa at an engineering tensile strain (e) of 20%; the true stress ( σ ) at the same amount of deformation is [240 | 280 | 300 | 320 | 360 MPa]. v) When a uniaxial compression test is run at constant cross-head displacement, the true strain rate [increases | decreases | stays the same] during the test. vi) For materials with cubic crystal structures, there are [3 | 6 | 9 | 36] independent anisotropic elastic constants. vii) [Ceramics | pure metals | polymer matrix composites] are stronger in tension than they are in compression. viii)
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Mid-term exam 05 - NAME MATERIALS SELECTION 530.352 FALL...

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