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SC404.01 April 1, 2008 Page 489 Review Questions Chapter 17 2. Explain what we mean by the Big Bang Theory. The scientific theory of the universe’s earliest moment based on applying known and tested laws of physics to the idea that all we see today, from Earth to the cosmic horizon, began as an incredibly tiny, hot, and dense collection of matter and radiation. The Big Bang Theory describes how expansion and cooling of this unimaginably intense mixture of particles and photons could have led to the present universe, and explains several aspects of today’s universe with impressive accuracy. 7. What do we mean by inflation and when do we think it occurred? Inflation is a sudden and dramatic expansion of the universe. In 10 -36 second, pieces of the universe the size of an atomic nucleus may have grown to the size of our solar
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Unformatted text preview: system. It may have occurred when the freezing out of strong and electroweak forces released an enormous amount of energy causing this inflation. Briefly describe how the cosmic microwave background was discovered. How does the existence and nature of this radiation support the Big Bang Theory? Noise from the Bell Labs antenna, after comparing notes, was determined to be the cosmic microwave background and the first strong evidence that the Big Bang had really happened. This discovery solved a long-standing problem, the origin of cosmic helium. The presence of helium and the abundance of it show it must have been present before the formation of the galaxies. The current cosmic microwave background temperature, 273 Kelvin, tells us how hot the universe was, hot enough to fuse hydrogen into helium....
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