learning goals for 33

learning goals for 33 - Know definition and significance of...

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Structural units of tetrahydrofolate (THF) Pteridine, p-aminobenzoate, and glutamate Role of THF in carrying one-carbon units Carries one carbon fragments in various oxidation states and donates to other groups The primary source for the one carbon units is the carbon removed from the conversion of serine to glycine Effect of sulfanilamide on THF synthesis Sulfanimide is an antagonist of p-aminobenzoate and inhibits the production of THF because the glutamate cannot bind on the opposite end Trace path from each listed amino acid into kreb’s cycle (rxns, structure, and coenzymes) Aspartate Asparagine Glutamate Glutamine Alanine
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Proline Arginine Explain analogy between the reaction sequence by which a branched chain α-keto acid is oxidized with the pathway of pyruvate oxidation and with the oxidation of fatty acids
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Unformatted text preview: Know definition and significance of glucogenic and ketogenic amino acids Glucogenic amino acids generate pyruvate and any of the 4 carbon intermediates of the krebs cycle which can undergo gluconeogenesis to produce glucose Ketogenic amino acids generate acetoacetyl-coA and acetyl-CoA (ketone bodies) which can be used as fuels Know the order in which energy reserves are used in a fast or during starvation First use the glycogen stored in liver which last 1-2 days Then use fat deposits produces high amounts of ketone bodies and leads to acidosis Before all fats are gone, but near end, selective protein degradation starts proteins of no use are broken down and metabolized like the glycogenic proteins Then finally when these are all gone then muscle proteins are degraded...
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learning goals for 33 - Know definition and significance of...

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