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ASLunit7 - Ericalyn Francavilla March 17th 2008 7.1 1"How...

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Ericalyn Francavilla March 17 th , 2008 7.1 1. “How do you get to work?” 2. She drives to the train, rides the train and then walks from the train to work. 3. The woman on the left rides the bus to work. 4. The woman on the right has a longer commute, which is 15 minutes longer. 5. It conveys that the commute is long. 7.2 1. “I heard you moved to a house recently.” 2. She moved from an apartment in Chicago to a house in Rochester. 3. She has a big house with 9 rooms. 4. She wants to buy a new house but it’s expensive and she doesn’t have the money. 5. The principles shown in this section are shifting shoulders for two different things, and non- manual facial expression signs. 7.3 1. The woman on the right asks where they met before and the other woman reminds her. 2. They met at a meeting in NYC. 3. The woman on the left asks the other woman her name because she doesn’t remember, and then she asks her if she remembers her name, and then tells her when the other woman only remembers the beginning of her name.
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