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Ericalyn Francavilla Dr. Housel Essay #3 November 12 th , 2007 Miracle “Do you believe in miracles?” The 1980 US Olympic hockey team has been the most inspirational team in United States history. During this time, the country was not in the greatest of shapes, considering it was the time of the Cold War. Morales were low and there just was not a lot that the US had to be excited about. But then a young team beat all odds and defeated the Soviet Union team to win the gold medal at the Olympic games. The movie Miracle , (directed by Gavin O’Connor) so named because of the comment that Al Michaels, the commentator, had made, follows the real-life-event of the 1980 US hockey team. Herb Brooks was chosen to coach the 1980 Olympic team. He had been a hockey player himself in the past, and coached at the University of Minnesota. But Herb Brooks had a different view on how the game should be played, and while choosing his players, he didn’t choose the best players, he chose the “right” ones. Going into tryouts in Colorado Springs, he knew just about everyone who he wanted for his team. He had checked them out previously, watching films on them and talking to their coaches, as well as having coached many of them himself. This went against what the Olympic Committee had wanted but he did not give in. He knew what he needed to put together the right team and he chose each player for a specific reason. He chose players that he knew could work together and do their own specific job to help benefit the 1
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team. Brooks knew that if he chose all-stars to fill every spot, they would look out for themselves instead of playing as a team. Though he knew that many of his players had personal problems with each other, many of them coming from the University of Minnesota and Boston University, two rival schools, but he would not let that interfere with the team. Brooks often pushed his players so far that they would get in shouting matches in the end, but this is what he wanted. He would get them riled up, making them want to show Coach Brooks that they could do it, that he was wrong when he told them that they could not. This is what he wanted though, he knew that by insulting them, questioning them, turning them against him, would make them want to push themselves harder to prove themselves. Coaching this team was very personal to Herb Brooks. In 1960, he was on the team to go to the Olympic games that year. A week before the games, his coach calls Herb into his office and cuts him from the team. That next week he was watching his team win the gold medal. Ever since he stopped playing he has wanted to coach this team to try to make up for the opportunity
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Miracle - Ericalyn Francavilla Dr Housel Essay#3 November...

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