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Ericalyn Francavilla ASL 1 12/19/07 Notions After watching both Notions and Learning to Learn ASL, I’ve decided to analyze Notions in more detail. This video described many things about the Deaf. Like how the first school started in America, how they communicate, how the languages are different and a few other things. The first institute for the Deaf in the United States was Galadet University in Washington D.C. It was started because there were Deaf people who had no place to learn. Galadet traveled to France where he came across Deaf people there and incorporated what he learned about them into his school in D.C. Another reason for the start of the school was because people wanted the Deaf to only speak, but that would prove difficult many times because they couldn’t hear themselves speak or other people speak, so a school was started where they could sign. Before a certain time, people who were deaf were kept hidden from people, because they were different, “impaired”. But at this University, deaf people were able to meet others like them, and feel more like a community and more accepted. ASL is a language that is very different from English, such as English is different from Spanish or French. The first main difference is that ASL is a visual language, rather than a verbal language. Another main difference is the word order. ASL has a different word order than the English language, which sometimes makes it difficult for a hearing person to learn ASL, or a deaf person to learn English. But ASL is it’s own language. In many instances, hearing people don’t always know how to act around deaf people.
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asl1_notions - Ericalyn Francavilla ASL 1 12/19/07 Notions...

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