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camera obscura

camera obscura - shot at 11:15 in the morning the first...

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Ericalyn Francavilla Rosalinda Dauval H&A 2001.1 Section 1 October 31 st , 2007 Camera Obscura For this assignment, we were going to make a camera obscura in the Photo House studio, but there were too many windows to cover, and we didn’t have enough cardboard to cover them. Also the sun wasn’t coming in from that direction and we decided it would be better to use a room where the sun was coming in from a more direct location. So we decided to use my room to make the camera obscura. We had one large piece of cardboard that fit the main window with a ¾ inch aperture in the middle and then taped down the blinds and covered the top of the windows with smaller strips of cardboard, which worked really well. We used a lot of duck tape in the end, but in the end, there were no real light leaks and everything was covered. Since the sun was coming almost directly into the window, especially for the first
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Unformatted text preview: shot at 11:15 in the morning, the first image was pretty strong. We had to move the camera over a little bit for the second image at 3:45 in the afternoon though because since the sun moved, the image on the wall did also, and it wasn’t on the wall in the same spot as it was before. We used the widest-angle camera we had, but I wish we had a wider one so we could have gotten more of the image into the shot because it was pretty cool. The images were really grainy though because we had to have the ISO up to 1600 because the lowest f/stop her camera could have was 3.5 and we had a 30 second exposure, which was the longest we could have without putting the camera on bulb. All in all this project came out really well, and we learned a lot about how to make a camera obscura, and it was fun!...
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camera obscura - shot at 11:15 in the morning the first...

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