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Shannon Miller - Ericalyn Francavilla Dr. Housel Essay #2...

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Ericalyn Francavilla Dr. Housel Essay #2 October 17 th , 2007 Shannon Miller Shannon Miller is the most decorated American gymnast, male or female, in history. Since her Elite International debut in 1990, she has earned 7 Olympic medals, 9 World Championship medals as well as countless other National and International Competition medals. Even though her competition days are over, Miller’s involvement is far from that. She still teaches clinics, commentates competitions, hosts her own TV show, speaks about leadership, helps with various charities and has even started her own foundation. Shannon Miller has been able to apply what she has learned from all of her hard work, determination and leadership in gymnastics to her life after competition. Shannon Lee Miller was born on March 10 th , 1977 in Rolla, Missouri, though she grew up in Edmond Oklahoma. When she was four, she started taking dance and ballet classes with her older sister Tessa. Then for Christmas she convinced her parents, Claudia and Ron Miller, to get her a trampoline, where she learned to do a front flip within two weeks. Worried that Shannon and Tessa might hurt themselves if they did not get proper training, their parents signed them up for gymnastics classes at a local center. Shannon enjoyed it so much that she continued for years to come, and in the summer of 1986, when she was only 10 years old, she went to the Soviet Union for a two week summer training camp where she made such an impression on the
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Soviet coaches and was noticed by Steve Nunno, who also happened to be there at the same time. Before this, she only did gymnastics for fun, but after returning from the Soviet Union, she joined Nunno’s team, the Dynamo’s, and began seriously training. After her return, she also began competing, and by the end of the season, has won the class II state championship. Then in the year 1990, at just the age of 13, Miller makes her debut as an Elite
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Shannon Miller - Ericalyn Francavilla Dr. Housel Essay #2...

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