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Ericalyn Francavilla February 1 st , 2008 Coming into the 20 th century, a new time started where modernity, the machine, and the idea of avant-garde art started to take over. Modernity created a time where there was a rapid and accelerated rate of change affecting pretty much everything, including social, scientific, economic, technological and artistic areas. It shifted the way things were done in the past, to a new way of doing things, and looking at things like art. Art was revolutionized and transformed to create new ways of thinking and looking at art. Cubism, contributed by Picasso and Braque was a major part of modernity, as well as the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Artists such as Delaunay, Picabia and Duchamp, along with Gustave Eiffel and of coarse Picasso and Braque redefined the meaning of picture making and representation of art and reality at the turn of the 20 th century. The Eiffel Tower was a major example of modernity. It was created for the Paris World Fair as the main focal point. Paris wanted to outdo the Crystal Palace, and that’s exactly what they did. First of all, an engineer, rather than an architect, created the Tower, which was a major change and a symbolic one as well in and of itself. Gustave Eiffel drew his inspiration from the human form. In a way, the Tower looks like a person standing over a river. A colossus standing with his legs spread wide, standing in the middle of Paris, dominating the area. He decided to build up rather than horizontally like the Crystal Palace, because it created a more grand impression. It was the first time that this had been done, and it was a remarkable accomplishment. They felt that the air at this point had been unoccupied territory, useless space, and that anyone can occupy the land, but only Paris at this point has managed to occupy the sky as well. This demonstrated France’s power of process because this was the first time that that had been done. Another aspect that made the Eiffel Tower so spectacular was the view you
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course H&A 2 taught by Professor Rubenstein during the Winter '07 term at RIT.

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H&Aessayexam - Ericalyn Francavilla H&A AM section...

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