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Ericalyn Francavilla December 14 th , 2007 2007.2 Section 1 Essay #1 Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press was one of the most important inventions in civilized history. It changed the means of communication throughout the world. In James Burke’s DVD Printing Transforms Knowledge, a Matter of Fact , it describes what it was like before Gutenberg’s invention and how people communicated and passes information to a great number of people, and then what the printing press did to modernize the world. In Western culture prior to the invention of the printing press, the nature of communication was through word of mouth. People created songs to tell the stories that they needed to pass along. The songs helped them remember the information and made it easier to pass it along, then just trying to memorize a story. But even still, before the invention of the printing press, people had incredible memories. They needed to be able to remember things well or else information would be lost through the ages. Their memories were incredible compared to
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