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Ericalyn Francavilla ASL 1 Sandra Bradley February 18 th , 2008 For my event, I went to go see the RIT/NTID Dance Company in A Ten Year Retrospective. It was a collaboration of different acts from different plays throughout the past 10 years. In between each scene, they would show clips from different scenes of different things. Some of them were clips or pictures of the cast members practicing; some were clips of someone from the Deaf community explaining their experiences in theatre; some were clips from news events of happenings in the Deaf community. I found this interesting because it gave us something to see and learn about while they changed acts. I learned about events such as the protest at Galadet University, the acts of important Deaf leaders and the feelings of Deaf actors and dancers. I learned from a Deaf dancer that acting for them is the middle ground between the
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Unformatted text preview: Deaf and Hearing world. It’s a place where they don’t feel separated between the two worlds; where they fit in. The play was definitely interesting, not quite what I was expecting. I enjoyed it; I thought it was different and entertaining. I felt like it was more of an interpretation dance than most dances that are done by an all-hearing cast. The dancers needed to make sure that they were on beat so that the people who can’t hear the music can still understand the beat and rhythm of the music. The dances themselves seemed to have a story to them. It was a little hard to get the full picture since it was only one scene from a longer production so I didn’t have all the other acts of the play to understand the whole picture, but it was a great interpretation of each individual act. I enjoyed the play very much, and I learned a lot about the Deaf community....
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