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AEM120 Syllabus - AEM 120 Foundations of Entrepreneurship...

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AEM 120 - Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business Syllabus, Fall 2006 Department of Applied Economics and Management [email protected] CORNELL UNIVERSITY AEM 120 Principles of Entrepreneurship and Business Fall 2006 Professor Pedro David Pérez 203 Warren Hall 255-4697 [email protected] Course Support Specialist Ms. Carol Peters 51 Warren Hall 255-1576 [email protected] Course Mailbox: [email protected] ( Please send all administrative inquiries related to AEM 120 to this address ) Teaching Assistants ( Note: TAs are assigned to AEM 121 and AEM 120 ) Jennifer Vargas – [email protected] ( Administrative TA ) Sanin Mody – [email protected] - ( Head TA ) Stephen Flug – [email protected] Lily Hakim – [email protected] Brad Harrison - [email protected] Douglas Hirsch – [email protected] Matt Litwin – [email protected] Devangi Nishar – [email protected] Alyssa Pizzolanti – [email protected] Office Hours of Teaching Assistants Times to be announced. All office hours will be held in 46 Warren Hall. Course Web Page Address Class Meeting Times TR 3:35 – 4:25 pm 305 Ives Hall ____________________ *Special acknowledgement and thanks goes to Sam Seltzer ’48 for funding the Moses and Loulu Seltzer  Endowment, in honor of his parents, which provides financial support for this course. August 17 th , 2006 1
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AEM 120 - Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business Syllabus, Fall 2006 Required Textbook Baron, Robert A. and Scott A. Shane (2005), “Entrepreneurship: A Process Perspective.” Mason, OH: Thomson / South-Western. Additional materials will be distributed in class periodically or posted to the Web page. Description of the Course An introductory course, providing a sound base to both the understanding of entrepreneurial activity and possibilities and the study and practice of entrepreneurship at Cornell. The course will include lectures, a business idea based set of assignments, and extensive use of IT-based learning and presentation tools. AEM 120 is intended as a business idea and entrepreneurial process oriented course, and it is not a substitute for an upper level, business plan entrepreneurship course. Students taking AEM 120 can obtain the most benefit from the course by taking simultaneously AEM 121, “Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise Speaker Series.” Course Overview The word entrepreneur originates from the French word, entreprende , which means “to undertake.” In a business context, it means to start a business. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary presents the definition of an entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. The great majority of successful businesses start with either a new idea (trying to turn an invention into an innovation), or the application of an old idea in a new way (an innovation), or a better implementation of either of the above (imitation and mimetism, still laced with innovation). AEM 120 tries to make you conscious of the place of innovation,
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AEM120 Syllabus - AEM 120 Foundations of Entrepreneurship...

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