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ANTH writing asgn 1

ANTH writing asgn 1 - Writing Assignment#1 Using at least...

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Unformatted text preview: Writing Assignment #1 Using at least three of these articles, 39-44, from Annual Editions in Physical Anthropology 08/09 please explain how humans have adapted to their environment. Be sure to include in your discussion the genetic and physiological problems and advantages that have arose due to the development of society and culture. These can include genetic disorders, evolutionary disorders, and viral/bacterial illness. Finally, what do these articles mean to you and what do you believe can potentially happen to the human species in the future. Make sure that your opinion is reasonable, educated, and can be supported by the material in the readings. Articles: 39: Gracilization of the Modern Human Skeleton- Ruff 40: The Viral Superhighway- Armelagos 41: The Inuit Paradox— Gadsby 42: Dr. Darwin- Oliwenstein 43: Curse and Blessing of the Ghetto— Diamond 44: The Saltshaker’s Curse- Diamond Writing assignments must be typed and at least two full pages in length. They must be double-spaced, using a 12 pt font. Page margins should also be set at one inch in length and width. Make sure to use citations throughout the paper and to include a works Cited page. You may use outside sources in addition to the three required sources from the reader, but make sure that you cite them throughout your paper and include them in your works cited page. Please place your first and last name in the top right comer of the page along with the lab section number. ...
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