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Theo WS1 - region where the writers resided The Yahwist...

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T HEO 001: Worksheet 1 Name: Answer these questions in compact, error-free writing (approx. 6 sentences per answer), in 1 page only . What does the word “interpret” mean? Be sure to include the etymology of the word in your answer. If one is interpreting something, he or she is processing the information to reveal a specific meaning. The meaning or interpretation can be found through cultural backgrounds or other previous knowledge. Being able to give the meaning of or explain what is happening in text, conversation, paintings, or other forms of communication is an ability everyone has. As for the etymology of the word it is Latin and is from around 1350-1400. The letters J, E, P, and D, are important regarding the Hebrew Scriptures. What do these letters signify, and with what books of the Hebrew Scriptures are they particularly associated? These letters signify the Yahwist (J), the Elohist (E), the Deuteronomic (D), and the Priestly (P). Each letter represents a different understanding of God depending upon the
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Unformatted text preview: region where the writers resided. The Yahwist were from the south and the Elohist were from the north. Their writings can be found in the first five books of the Bible, called the Pentateuch. Which include Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. On the evening news of late we have seen Israeli citizens forcibly removing their fellow citizens from their homes. Why is this? What is the connection with Genesis 17? In the summer of 2005, the government adopted a disengagement plan proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon. This plan was to remove all Israelis for the Gaza Strip and from settlement in the West Bank. In Genesis 17, God promises the land to Abraham and the Hebrews. However, like the Israeli’s, the Hebrews were not happy when they had to give up their land that God have given to them. Why were others getting the land God specifically gave to the Hebrews? Created on 8/30/2007 14:38:00 a8/p8...
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