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Unformatted text preview: Keyword List for Midterm 2 This list is current up through the April 4 lecture; an updated version will be posted on Friday the 11th. This list does not include every term or keyword used in class or in the powerpoint presentations--these are the underlined terms from those presentations. The terms are in the order in which they show up in the power point presentations but they aren't listed twice here even when they showed up more than once in class. Terms in parentheses are not required. Agrippina principate Seneca 27 BCE Apocolocyntosis Augustus Nero JulioClaudians quinquennium Neronis Tiberius great fire of 64 69 CE / Year of the Four Emperors Pisonian Conspiracy Flavians Domus Aurea Adoptive Emperors manumission Vergil liber/libera Aeneid libertus/liberta ***Remember the names etc. in the freedman/woman Aeneid study guide!!!*** Trimalchio Maecenas Petronius pietas Satyricon auctoritas Flavian dynasty Forum of Augustus Judaea Imperial Fora triumph Temple of Mars Ultor triumphal arch Augustus of Prima Porta (statue) Arch of Titus Ara Pacis/Altar of Augustan Peace Domus Flavia Suetonius Domus Augusta maiestas Vespasian delatores Titus Praetorian Guard Domitian Praetorian Prefect Bay of Naples Gaius/Caligula damnatio memoriae Vesuvius Roma (as goddess) 79 CE divus Pompeii deus Herculaneum Claudius Pliny the Elder Messalina Pliny the Younger Pompeian styles row house thermopolium bakery fullery tannery lupanar (brothel) ludi munera venatio circus Circus Maximus gladiators arena amphitheater Flavian Amphitheater/Colosseum Domitian dominus et deus Dacia Nerva Trajan Dacian Wars Parthian War Forum of Trajan basilica Trajan's Markets Trajan's Column ...
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