pickerel frogs - -remain active until the end of October...

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Josh Lewis Angela Wilson Anuran Project Ranidae (true frog) Rana palustris (Pickerel frog) - scientific name means swamp-dwelling frog -Habitat inhabit cool, wooded streams and springs although they can be found in many other areas -Dominant colors often confused with Northern Leopard frog -Pickerel frogs have chocolate-brown spots arranged in two rows, distinguished by the bright yellow or yellow-orange colors on body -voice no information available on their sounds made -Behavior nocturnal frogs who awake from hibernation in early spring
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Unformatted text preview: -remain active until the end of October when they burrow in the bottom of ponds or streams for winter-Lifespan no information found-Sexual dimorphism females are larger in most cases-males have paired vocal sacs FUN FACTS- they produce a toxic skin fluid that is irritating to humans, for other small animals it can be deadly: they are one of the only poisonous frogs in the United States Arnold, K. 2000. "Rana palustris" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed February 12, 2008 at http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Rana_palustris. html....
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