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Study Guide for March 11-21 Genetics 2008 Dr. Padilla Study Guide for Week 9-10. Use to study for exam 3. Topics: DNA Synthesis, Condon Table, Transcription. 1. Define the following: a. DNA Polymerase III b. 5’ to 3’ Polymerization Activity c. Exonuclease Activity d. Telomerase e. Codon f. RNA Polymerase g. Alternative splicing h. Cis element i. Transcription factor j. hnRNA 2. What did the experiment conducted by Meselson and Stahl determine? What did the experiments conducted by Arthur Kornberg determine? Why are these experiments significant to biologists? 3. Diagram the process of DNA synthesis. In your answer be certain to state the function of the enzymes used in the process. 4. How does DNA synthesis differ between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells? 5. State some known facts regarding the genetic code; describe an experiment that led to a
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Unformatted text preview: greater understanding of the genetic code. 6. Describe the process of Transcription in prokaryotes? In eukaryotes? In your answer be certain to state the functional role various proteins have in the process and what cis elements are important for the process. How does transcription in prokaryotes and eukaryotes differ? 7. Describe the post-transcriptional modifications required to produce a mature mRNA molecule. 8. State 5 different RNA molecule classes and describe their function within eukaryotic cells. 9. In regards to transcription factors what is a “general transcription factor” and a “specific transcription factor”? What is the functional role of transcription factors?...
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