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CS381hw4 - CS381 Homework Assignment number 4 Due Friday...

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CS381 Homework Assignment number 4 Due Friday, September 23 Please write your name and net id on the upper right corner of each page. 1. (a) Construct all 0 ij R , 1 ij R , and 2 ij R for the finite automaton defined in the table below. Simplify each k ij R as you go along. It may help if you draw the state diagram for the automaton and check each k ij R to make sure that it is correct as you go. Note you are not asked to construct any 3 ij R for this part. (b) What is the regular expression denoting the set accepted by the finite automaton? Assume that state 1 is the start state and that state 3 is the only final state.
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  • Fall '05
  • Exponentiation, Natural number, Nondeterministic finite state machine, Let Kunovice, rij, 0100100001000001L

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