coping - Early-stage breast cancer survivors participated...

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1 Coping with Illness Prof. David Sherman Class #5 Psychology 101 Health Psychology Miscarriages Scott Norris: Coping with Illness Can the Psychological Processes that Scott Norris described aid in aid in coping with cancer? Stress, depressed mood, and decreased social support associated with greater cortisol output and disruptions of cortisol secretion and higher levels of urinary catecholamines These stress hormones can impact cancer cells – Social support --> lower levels of factors that help tumors grow Optimism, finding benefits, are associated with longer cancer survival Research is discovering pathways by which these psychological factors can affect cancer progression Threats to the Self The Psychology of Self-Affirmation SELF Healthy Person + - Work + - Political Beliefs + - National Identity + - Family Member + - Family Member + - Healthy Person + - SELF Religion + -
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2 Self-Affirmation Writing in Breast Cancer Survivors (Creswell, Lam, Stanton, Taylor, Bower, & Sherman, 2007, PSPB )
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Unformatted text preview: Early-stage breast cancer survivors participated in an expressive writing trial (N=63) (Stanton et al., 2002) Wrote 4 essays during a 3-week period: (1) deepest thoughts and feelings (emotional expression) (2) perceived benefits (benefit finding) (3) facts about treatment (control) Outcomes: physical symptoms and cancer-related doctor visits (3 month follow-up) “I have always had a good positive attitude about all things and that has really helped me during this time.” (Global self-concept) Self-affirmation : a positive reflection on a valued self-domain. Valued Relationships 70% Religion, Spirituality, Faith 12% Global Self-Concept 8% Concern for Others 4% Hobbies 2% Health 2% Being Affirmed by Others 1% Career/Education 1% Self-affirmation writing and health at 3-month follow-up Self-Affirmation Writing Physical Symptoms Doctor Visits-.29**-.24* ** p = .01 * P = .08 (Creswell et al., 2007, Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin )...
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coping - Early-stage breast cancer survivors participated...

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