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BY 1116 – BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES I FALL 2007 Dr. Kathryn Ponnock REVIEW QUESTIONS – LECTURE EXAM 3 I. GENE EXPRESSION 1. What are the two main components of Gene Expression? How are they distinguished from each other? Transcription and Translation, Transcription is synthesis of RNA. Translation is read to code for proteins in DNA. 2. What is the primary Function of RNA? What are the main components of a typical RNA molecule? What are the three types of RNA that are produced and what is the role for each type? To code for DNA. Adenine, Guanin, Thymine, Cytosine and a 5 Carbon sugar. Messenger-transports the copy of the DNA to the ribosomes, Ribosomal- joins with proteins to form large and small sub-units of ribosomes , Transfer-transfer amino acids to ribosomes. 3. Understand the distinctions between RNA and DNA molecules. RNA is single-stranded, DNA is a double helix. RNA has the codon Tymine whereas DNA has the Codon Uracil. RNA codes for DNA, DNA codes for genetic material. 4. Know the basic principles of the Genetic Code. Be able to discuss a Codon and its significance. Know the START codon for every mRNA molecule and know the FIRST amino acid that is found in all proteins. mRNA codes for Amino Acids, codes for Codons. A codon is a molecule that, along with other molecules (codons), codes for proteins. AUG-start codon, methionine. 5. What is the job of tRNA and what is the Anti-Codon? Reads the codons, 6. What enzyme is necessary for RNA Synthesis? What is the Promoter region of a gene? Polymerase,________ 7. Know the three main parts of a typical mRNA Transcript. Tail, Cap, Exons 8. What are the three steps needed to Process a Primary mRNA transcript in order to produce a Mature mRNA?
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a. One end of mRNA is modified by the addition of a CAP b. Other end is modified by addition a
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fall_2007_review_questions_exam_3 - BY 1116 BIOLOGICAL...

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