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Sociology 9/25/07 -Media is agent of socialization -Eugene Kilbourne-“killing me softly” about women in advertisement -On television, the beautiful people are portrayed as the happy successful people -The media helps us figure out what’s pretty, clean, etc. -The average child spends more time watching tv than anything else other than sleep -By the age of 18 the average child will have seen approx. 18000 television murders -not just that the murder is there, watch people solve murder -Sex is usually talked about as being funny or that it’s violent -The average tv show shows an average of 16 violent acts per viewing hour -NIMH (national institute of mental health) -did a study that the more violent tv children watch, the more violent they will be -homicide rate doubles after country is introduced to tv -In 1950 10% of American households had tv’s -By 1960 90% of houses had tv’s -By 1999 99% of houses had tv’s -More houses have tv than have indoor plumbing or telephones
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Unformatted text preview: -54% of kids have a tv in room-Average kid is going to watch about 28 hours of tv per week-Longitudinal (over time) study done by Eron looked at boys and violent tv and violent behavior-starting at age of 8, tracked boys viewing habits and behavior-the 8 year olds who watched the most violent tv were most likely to engage in violent or delinquent behavior by 18-most likely to engage in criminal behavior by 30-55% of kids watch tv by themselves-A study done in 2004 by Rebecca Collins found that from innuendo to depictions of intercourse on tv, sex is pervasive in 2/3 of television shows-Teens watch an average of 3 hours of tv a day-Kids that watch the most tv with sex are twice as likely to have sex during subsequent years after they start watching it-A high exposure to primetime tv among 12-17 year olds is linked to a substantially increased more likely in non intercourse sex...
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