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Sociology 9/13/07 Elements of culture: (characteristic-what it looks like) (element-what it’s made up of) 1. language =a set of symbols and rules that, put together in a meaningful way, provides for complex communication -Complex communication -certain groups have their own language (ex. Dr.s, lawyers, teenagers, rappers) -manifest function =communication -latent groups have their own language=keep “outsiders” in the dark Does language shape culture or does culture shape language? Answer: both 2. Norms = rules concerning appropriate and inappropriate behavior by which people are judges and sanctions apply -can be implicit (unwritten rules)
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Unformatted text preview: -or explicit (written rules/laws)-2 kinds of norms: (William Sumner gave us the concepts of folkways and mores) a) folkways-norms expected to follow but violation is not considered immoral/llegal b)mores-norms whose violation is considered a moral/legal transgression (think more punishment) 3. Beliefs =views of reality that bind together (ex. Capitalism(buying a pack of gum is using your belief that it is worth a dollar), Judaism, som, Christianity) 4. Values- ideas about what is worthwhile, abstract standards that define ideal principles-tell us what is good/bad, attractive/unattractive, fair, unfair, etc....
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