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Hunter-gatherer society -people make their living by hunting, collecting wild  foods, and fishing with simple technologies Pastoral Society- a society that depends for its livelihood on domestic animals Horticultural Society- society in which hand tools are used to grow domesticated  crops Agrarian Society- society that depends on crops raised with plows, draft animals  and intensive agricultural methods Subculture- groups that share many elements of mainstream culture but  maintain their own distinctive customs, values, norms and lifestyles Counterculture- groups that reject the conventional wisdom and standards of 
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Unformatted text preview: behavior of the majority and provide alternatives to mainstream culture Ethnocentrism-the tendency to evaluate the customs of other groups according to ones own cultural standards Eurocentrism-A focus on the contributions of Europeans to history, math, science and literature Multiculturalism-a movement that encourages respect and appreciation for cultural differences Popular Culture-widespread cultural elements in any given society that are perpetuated through that societys lingo...
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